Our vision is to reinvent visual storytelling. Through the power of AI.

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Our Story

Zebracat was born from frustration. For our last ventures we had to create a ton of video content but getting there had us go through a valley of pain: slow, complex and shockingly expensive! 

Sure, nothing gets you eyeballs  like video but have you tried:

❓ Spending hours on Adobe editing videos without achieving results?
❓ Digging half a day for a piece of stock media, chasing the voice artist or that song which fits the vibe?
❓ Hiring a video editor on Upwork, only to be disappointed by the low-quality outcome?
❓ Investing $$$$ in an agency, yet still not achieving the campaign results you envisioned after extensive back-and-forth communication?

We've been there ouselves. Creating great videos is hard. That's why we built Zebracat. We want to make high quality video creation easy and affordable for everyone!

So what's our mission?

We're making video marketing as simple as typing text. No fluff. No unnecessary complications. Marketers, you've dealt with complex tools and timelines. We cut that clutter, giving you the power to generate high-quality videos, fast.

We exist to bridge the gap between your message and your audience. With our AI-powered video generation platform, we're making it easier for marketers to engage, convert, and win.

That's Zebracat—high impact, less effort. Video marketing, solved.

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