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Why should you generate videos with AI scenes?

Stock footage does not perform and everyone and their grandma is using UGC these days. Easily stand out with thumb-stopping custom AI visuals, that stop the scroll.

Unique footage

Create what dosnt’s exist. You can use creative animations or styles that you can’t shoot with a camera and that will glue your audience to the screen.

Customized to your Brand and Story

If you don’t have footage yourself, so far stock was the only option. But it’s generic as hell and you smell it from 100 miles away. AI generated scenes are the cure to this.

Stops the Scroll

Everyone is running on UGC or stock footage these days. Easily stand out with thumb-stopping custom AI videos.

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How to generate videos with AI scenes?

Input Your Text

Begin by inputting your text prompts, scripts, or blog articles to convert them into video content.

Personalize Voice and Music

Choose from 120+ text-to-speech voices across 20+ languages. Add custom music to set the right mood for your video.

Select a style

Preview your video and make adjustments to scenes as needed. Once satisfied, download or share your creation on social media.

AI Assembles the Video

Zebracat’s AI selects optimal media—be it music, footage, or effects—to enrich your script and captivate your audience.

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"Zebracat's AI visuals have reshaped our content. Stock footage is a thing of the past; the unique styles grab and keep our audience's attention."
Luca - Content creator


Content Creator

"Zebracat's AI visuals have fired up our social feeds. With the right music and good editing, they cut through the noise and grab attention."
Morgan - social media strategist


Social Media Strategist

"The customization possibilities when it comes to AI styles are amazing, allowing for more unique and memorable brand experiences."
Taylor - Brand manager


Brand Manager

"Our digital campaigns have reached a new level of engagement. The AI scenes are a fresh, compelling alternative we love experimenting with."
Fatima - digital marketing specialist


Digital Marketing Specialist

"The move from generic stock to distinctive, high-quality visuals is a game-changer. Can’t wait what the future holds and glad to be an early adopter!"
Casey - Advertising executive


Advertising Executive


How do you make an AI scene?

To create an AI-generated scenes, your need to enter your script or text into an AI video platform (e.g., Zebracat). Customize the voiceover and background music according to your needs. Select a visual style for your video, making adjustments as necessary. Allow the AI to compile and synchronize the media elements to produce the final video.
All AI video generators follow slightly different flows but follow roughly this priciple.

How to create animation by AI?

To create animations with AI, you can use AI video generators like Zebracat, which offer a variety of animation styles for turning text into video. This method is particularly effective for marketing content, known for its ability to engage audiences. To do this on Zebracat, simply follow any video creation path—be it converting a prompt to a video or a blog article to a video. When you're setting up your project, select the "AI visuals" option. This ensures that your video will be generated with unique AI-powered animations rather than using stock footage or uploads from your own collection.

What is AI footage?

AI footage refers to visuals generated entirely by artificial intelligence, instead of being captured by a camera. In platforms like Zebracat, you have the flexibility to create videos using stock footage, user-uploaded content, and AI-generated visuals, also known as AI footage. This type of footage is crafted pixel by pixel by AI, offering a unique advantage in engaging audiences through its novelty and the vast creative expression it enables. While live-action footage—those shots captured with a camera—can still be the best choice for certain projects, combining AI-generated visuals with user-uploaded content often yields the best results. This approach leverages the strengths of both types of footage, enhancing the overall impact and effectiveness of the video content.

How do I make an AI video clip?

To make an AI video clip, follow these steps, using a platform like Zebracat:
1. Choose your creation path, like converting a text prompt to video.
2. Input your prompt and select "AI visuals" for generating unique animations or imagery.
3. Customize with music, voiceovers, and effects as needed.
4. Review and adjust the video until it meets your requirements.
4. Export or share your AI-generated video clip.
This process allows you to create tailored content efficiently, leveraging AI for creativity and impact.

What is synthetic video?

Synthetic video is video content made by artificial intelligence and computer-generated imagery. It bypasses traditional camera filming. Platforms like Zebracat leverage this technology to enable the creation of highly engaging and imaginative video content. This method is adept at simulating realistic scenes or inventing entirely novel visuals, making it a powerful asset for marketing campaigns, entertainment, educational content, and more. Zebracat's approach to synthetic video provides users with the tools to generate engaging content that can hook audiences and embody creative visions.

What are AI visuals?

AI visuals are just another name for AI footage. They're made using artificial intelligence, not cameras, allowing platforms like Zebracat to craft unique and creative videos. These visuals become even more powerful when Zebracat adds music, voiceovers, effects, and text overlays. This combination boosts marketing impact, grabbing and holding viewer attention to deliver a message effectively.

Is there an AI that can create visuals?

Yes, there are AI platforms capable of creating visuals, Zebracat being a prime example. These platforms use AI to generate unique and engaging visuals from text inputs, making it easier to produce compelling content for various purposes, especially in marketing.

How do you make a scene in AI?

Zebracat stands out from OpenAI's Sora, Runway ML, and similar platforms by focusing on marketing use cases. Unlike with those platforms it's not just about the visuals; Zebracat combines AI footage, music, voiceovers, and text overlays to craft videos that don't just look good—they perform. This means creating content that's tailored to catch and keep an audience's attention, driving engagement and conversion in ways that are specific to marketers' needs.

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