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Why should I convert blogs to video?

85% of internet users watch video content monthly. Adapt to the evolving digital landscape, maximize reach, and engage a wider audience by transforming your blogs into videos.

Elevate Blog Engagement

Transforming blog posts to video means visitors spend more time on your site. On average, users stay 88% longer on websites with videos than those without.

Expand Your Audience Reach

Not everyone reads blogs, but 85% of internet users watch video content monthly. Tap into this vast audience by repurposing your blog content.

Boost Organic Traffic

Websites with video content have a 50% higher chance of being ranked on the first page of Google search results.

How do I turn my blog into a video?

Input your blog postโ€™s URL

Zebracat will automatically fetch content from your link, pulling in text and turning it into a viral video script.

AI automatically generates the video

Select your AI voice from a choice of over 120 humanlike text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages. Generate music to create the right mood and emotion to your video.

Customize & Refine

Using Zebracat's editor, adjust visuals and pacing. Ensure the video aligns with your message and branding.

Publish, Share, & Analyze

Publish the video, share it across platforms, and utilize analytics to measure its performance.

Those videos have been blogs in a previous life

Zebracat's AI generated videos are designed for ย engagement and marketing impact so you get the results you need from your content.

Over 7000 viral videos created from blog posts

"Zebracat's blog-to-video feature is a game-changer. Took my 800-word blog and turned it into a 2-minute video. High-quality visuals, spot-on voiceover. This thing saves me hours."
Samantha - content marketing manager


Content Marketing Manager

"Conversion rates soared after using Zebracat to repurpose our blog content into videos. Just upload the text and the platform handles the restโ€”graphics, music, everything. Every marketer needs this."
Jericho - Digital marketing Strategist


Digital Marketing Strategist

"Beyond just the videos, Zebracat has been an SEO goldmine. The blog-to-video feature lets me tap into YouTube traffic, a huge win for organic reach. Solid tech, intuitive UI, immediate ROI."
Olga - SEO specialist


SEO Specialist

"Zebracat has cracked the code on multimedia content. Translated three of my top-performing blogs into videos and they got even more traction."
testimonials 1


Growth Hacker

"Expected a drop in quality when repurposing text to video. I was wrong. Zebracat delivers videos that feel like they were created by pros. Surprisingly good.โ€
testimonials 2


Creative Director

โ€œTried Zebracat's blog-to-video and the ROI was almost immediate. Paid for itself within the first month. Now it's a no-brainer part of our marketing stack.โ€
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What tool converts blog to video?

The tool that sets a new standard for converting blogs to videos is Zebracat. While the first generation of AI tools focused on creating avatars (e.g. Synthesia) with limited marketing performance, Zebracat goes much further. It specializes in producing highly engaging short-form videos, complete with AI voiceovers, music, text overlays, effects, and more. This advanced approach ensures that the content not only captures but also retains audience attention, making it a powerful tool for content marketers looking to leverage their blogs in the video marketing space.

How does AI video generation enhance content marketing strategies?

AI video generation revolutionizes content marketing strategies by offering unparalleled efficiency, creativity, and engagement. Specifically, Zebracat's blog-to-video feature allows marketers to repurpose written content into dynamic videos. This transformation:
โ€Expands Reach: Converts existing blog posts into videos, tapping into video-preferred audiences and social platforms.
โ€Boosts Engagement: Videos often have higher engagement rates than text, capturing attention with visuals and sound.
โ€Saves Time: Automates the content creation process, turning lengthy articles into concise videos quickly.
โ€Enhances SEO: Video content can improve your website's search engine ranking and visibility.
โ€Increases Content Value: Adds a new, more engaging dimension to existing content, maximizing your content marketing ROI. By leveraging AI for video creation, marketers can more effectively distribute their message across various channels, catering to different consumer preferences and enhancing overall content marketing effectiveness.

Is there an AI that turns blog posts into video?

Yes, Zebracat features a blog-to-video tool that uses AI to transform written blog posts into engaging videos. This tool automates the conversion process, allowing users to easily repurpose all textual content (such as blog posts) into videeo format, enhancing accessibility and engagement across different audience segments.

Should I start a blog or rather make video content?

Starting with both a blog and video content is the most effective strategy. A blog alone might not meet all your marketing needs due to varying consumer preferences and the high engagement potential of videos. Hereโ€™s why combining both, and particularly starting with well-researched blog posts then repurposing them into videos with AI tools like Zebracat, is beneficial:
โ€Comprehensive Reach: Utilize both written and visual content to cater to diverse audience preferences.
โ€Efficiency Through Repurposing: Transforming high-quality blog posts into video content maximizes the utility of your initial research and content creation effort.
โ€Enhanced Engagement: Videos can increase engagement and retention rates, making your content more compelling and memorable.
โ€SEO Benefits: Blogs can enhance your SEO, while videos can increase time spent on your site and improve engagement metrics.
โ€Content Versatility: Starting with a strong base of quality written content allows for versatile repurposing options, including not just videos but also podcasts, infographics, and more.Leveraging AI video generators like Zebracat for repurposing written content into videos streamlines content production, ensuring consistency in quality and messaging across formats. Starting with high-quality blog content is crucial; it ensures that the videos also maintain a high standard of information and relevance.

What is the turnaround time for converting a blog post into a video?

From our personal experience we know that turning a blog post into a video used to be a lengthy and costly process, often taking days or even weeks with a lot of back-and-forth communication with video editors. However, with the advent of new AI tools like Zebracat, the landscape has dramatically changed. Now, you can convert a blog post into a compelling video in less than 2 minutes. This transformation not only saves significant time but also reduces costs, making video content creation accessible and efficient for more marketers and business owners.

What customization options are available for videos generated from blog content?

In Zebracat, when generating videos from blog content, you have a wide range of customization options to ensure your video perfectly aligns with your vision and brand. These options include:
โ€Footage Type: Choose from various AI visuals or your own footage to match the video's theme and tone.
โ€AI Voice Over: Select from different AI voice tones and languages to narrate your content.
Brand Assets: Seamlessly incorporate your logos, color schemes, and any other brand identity elements into your videos. This ensures that each video you create is not just engaging but also consistently represents your brand across all content.
โ€Music: Add background music from a diverse library to set the right mood for your video.
โ€Length: Adjust the video's length to fit your content's needs, whether it's a quick social media snippet or a longer explainer.
โ€Cuts and Effects: Fine-tune your video with specific cuts and visual effects to enhance viewer engagement.
โ€Text Overlays: Incorporate text overlays to highlight key points or add additional context to your videos.These customization features allow you to transform blog content into videos that are not only informative but also visually appealing and tailored to your audience's preferences.

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