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If you're a digital marketer, you know that…

Creating high-performing video ads is a slow, expensive and uncertain process.

Slow Creation

The traditional video ad production cycle can stretch over weeks, hindering your agility and ability to capitalize on real-time opportunities.

High Costs

The expenses involved in professional video creation—from staffing to software—can skyrocket quickly. A costly affair that eats into your marketing budget.

Uncertain Results

Even after investing time and resources, there's no guarantee your video will resonate with the audience, making ROI a risky bet.

How Zebracat helps you to create effective video ads in no time - no painful back and forth with editors and agencies.

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Zebracat's AI generated videos are designed for  engagement and marketing impact so you get the results you need from your assets.

Your Edge in Crafting High-Performing Video Ads

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10x Faster

Get videos in minutes, not days. Respond to market changes instantly.

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5x More Engagement

AI-optimized for viewer engagement. More shares, likes, conversions.

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70% Lower Cost

Skip freelancers and agencies. Cut video costs up to 70%, keep high quality.

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Over 20000 video ads created from text

"Zebracat's video ads maker cuts the tedious back-and-forth with editors and saves me a ton of time. I have direct control which means quicker turnaround. It's super easy to use!”
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Marketing Manager

"Used my own footage to create Facebook and Instagram ads. Quick and straightforward. I saw a 30% uptick in click-through rates. If you're already sitting on quality B-roll, this is the way to go."
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Digital Marketing Specialist

"Used their video ads maker with ai. Skeptical at first, but the end product looked like we hired a full production crew. A/B tested against our usual stuff, and these outperformed."
Taylor - Creative Director


Creative Director

"Went all-in on AI with Zebracat, including the voiceover ads. Sounded natural, not robotic. Used them for a retargeting campaign, and the conversion rates were higher than usual"
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Growth Hacker

"My creative vision often hits a wall with budget constraints. Zebracat made it possible to execute high-quality video ads without blowing the budget. I get to focus more on strategy now."
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Brand Manager


Can AI make advertising videos?

Yes, AI can make advertising videos. Platforms like Zebracat transform text prompts into complete advertising content, including visuals, voiceovers, and music. Our experience in AI and advertising suggests that manual ad creation is on its way out. AI not only streamlines production but also unlocks entirely new dimensions of performance optimization and customization in real time.

How do I make an AI video ad?

This is how you can make an AI video ad with Zebracat:
Input Text: Start by entering your ad script or key message points into Zebracat.
Personalize Voice and Music: Choose from over 120 text-to-speech voices in multiple languages and add custom music to fit your ad's mood.
AI Assembles the Video: Zebracat’s AI selects the best media to match your script, ensuring it resonates with your audience.
Fine-Tune and Share: Preview, adjust, and if you have user-generated content (UGC) or product shots, upload them to Zebracat to include in your ad.
This process allows you to create tailored, impactful ads quickly and effectively.

Is AI used in ads?

Yes, AI is increasingly used in ads for tasks like data analysis, personalization, content creation, and performance optimization. It automates and refines ad targeting, creates dynamic content like video ads with platforms like Zebracat, and helps in real-time decision-making to enhance ad effectiveness. AI's role in advertising is expanding, offering new levels of efficiency and engagement.

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