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Why should I use AI automated video editing?

AI video editing reduces editing time from 4 hours per minute to mere seconds and masters techniques to boost viewer engagement and conversion. All while you maintain creative control.

Saves Time

AI editing automates time-intensive tasks like footage selection and audio syncing. You can save an average of 95% of the time typically spent on manual editing tasks.

Saves Costs

With traditional editing for marketing videos costing around $100 to $250 per minute, automating this process can save up to 80% of your expenses.

Optimizes for performance

An automatic AI video editor improves viewer retention rates by up to 50% compared to template-based approaches. This makes sure your content performs at its peak.

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How can I use AI for editing?

Input your prompt or blog post’s URL

Zebracat will automatically turn your prompt, script or blog post into a viral voice over script.

Select video settings

Select your video language, AI voice, music mood and other settings so our AI understands better what you have in mind.

AI will do the heavy lifting

From selecting impactful footage to integrating dynamic voiceovers and effects, you get efficient, automated editing that optimizes for engagement and marketing impact.

Customize & Refine

Preview your video and make adjustments to scenes as needed. Once satisfied, download or share your creation on social media.

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Zebracat's AI generated videos are designed for  engagement and marketing impact so you get the results you need from your content.

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"Switching to Zebracat's AI video editor has streamlined our workflow incredibly. Now, we transform ideas into polished videos quickly. No lengthy editing process anymore. It's like an instant, in-house production upgrade."
Min Jun - Marketing Director


Marketing Director

"The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Zebracat's AI are outstanding. We've halved our video production costs while significantly increasing our output. Converting prompts to fully edited videos swiftly is a major advantage for us."
Anna - Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

"Best AI video editor we've tried. Zebracat has enabled our small team to produce top-tier videos independently. We've moved past complex editing tools and external dependencies. Video creation is now straightforward and speedy."
Rajesh - Brand Strategist


Brand Strategist

Zebracat’s AI editing not only saves time but also amplifies our videos' effectiveness. Its ability to select the right footage and effects has visibly boosted viewer engagement.
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Digital Marketing Specialist

Video editing with Zebracat is refreshingly hassle-free. We can now prioritize creativity and strategy, as the AI efficiently handles the editing. It’s remarkable how we're producing high-quality videos in-house with such ease.
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Content Creator


What is AI editing?

AI editing refers to using artificial intelligence to automate the video editing process. Traditionally, a video editor cuts footage, adds music, effects, and adjusts pacing, which can be inefficient and time-consuming, often taking hours for just a minute of video. Tools like Zebracat automate this end-to-end, combining footage, music, effects, and voiceovers cohesively. AI video editing drastically reduces the editing time, cutting down what used to take around 4 hours to mere seconds for one minute of edited video content. This efficiency revolutionizes content creation, making it accessible and rapid.

Is there AI for video editing?

Yes, there is AI for video editing. Platforms like Zebracat use AI to automate the video editing process, integrating elements like footage, music, effects, and voiceovers. This technology streamlines what was once a time-intensive task, significantly cutting down the time needed to produce polished video content.

How much is AI editing?

The cost of AI editing varies based on the platform and the features offered. For tools like Zebracat, pricing is typically structured as a subscription or pay-per-use model. It's way more more affordable than traditional video editing, which involves manual labor and can be costly. With AI editing, you're paying for the software's capabilities, which can offer significant savings, especially with the time and resources it frees up. For specific pricing, it's best to check Zebracat's latest plans and pricing options.

Can AI replace editing?

AI can't fully replace top-tier video editors in high-end productions yet; there's still a market for their expertise. However, for everyday video editing and projects where performance is key, AI is already taking over. Companies like Zebracat are at the forefront of this shift. And here's an unpopular opinion: soon, AI might even surpass human creativity in this field.

How to use AI for editing?

To use AI for editing, a tool like Zebracat with a user-friendly interface is your best bet:
Input Your Text: Start by entering text prompts, scripts, or blog articles.
Personalize Voice and Music: Choose from a vast selection of text-to-speech voices and add custom music.
AI Assembles the Video: The AI picks suitable media to complement your script.
Fine-Tune and Share: Preview the video, tweak as needed, and then share your creation online.This streamlined process makes AI editing straightforward and effective.

What is text-based editing?

Text-based editing in video production refers to using text input, like scripts or prompts, to guide the editing process. AI tools like Zebracat utilize text-based editing by taking written content and automatically generating video sequences that match the text. This method allows creators to efficiently produce videos by simply describing what they want in the video through text.

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