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Why should I use my own footage in marketing videos?

Stock and AI video are great but utilizing your own footage in marketing videos personalizes content, enhancing audience connection. It increases brand authenticity by up to 70%, making your message more relatable.

Leverage Existing Assets

Incorporating your own footage utilizes existing assets, maximizing their value. This approach reduces the need for costly new productions, offering a budget-friendly way to create impactful videos.

Enhance Viewer Relatability

Custom footage makes videos more relatable, increasing viewer engagement. Authentic, brand-specific visuals enhance the viewer's experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Customized Brand Storytelling

Using your own footage allows for tailored brand storytelling. Personalized visual content aligns closely with your brand identity, fostering stronger emotional connections with your audience.

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How do I use my own footage to generate videos with Zebracat?

Upload Your Footage

Start by uploading your existing video footage to your footage library. The platform supports a wide range of formats, making it easy to incorporate your clips.

Input Your Prompt or Script

Enter a prompt or script that aligns with your footage. Zebracat's AI understands the context and essence of your footage, ensuring that the script enhances and complements your visual story.

Zebracat Integrates Your Footage

The AI seamlessly integrates your uploaded footage, crafting a consistent and impactful video narrative. This process ensures that the visual flow aligns perfectly with your script.

Fine-Tune and Customize

You have the option to fine-tune your video, adjusting scenes and overlays to match your brand's style and message.

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Those videos have been generated
based on
user’s own assets

Zebracat's AI generated videos are designed for  engagement and marketing impact so you get the results you need from your content.

Marketers love to mix in their own assets

"Integrating our own footage with Zebracat has taken our video marketing to a new level. The authenticity it brings to our brand story is unmatched, and we've seen a tangible increase in customer engagement."
Taylor - Brand Manager


Brand Manager

"Zebracat's ability to blend our own assets with their AI capabilities offers us more creative freedom. We can now produce more relatable and engaging videos that resonate deeply with our audience."
Mia - Creative Director


Creative Director

"The capability of uploading our footage to Zebracat has streamlined our video production process. We can now integrate our own visuals with AI-generated content and it's a game-changer"
Jordan - Video Production lead


Video Production Lead

For future enhancements, we're excited about the prospect of mixing our own footage with Zebracat's AI-generated visuals. This combination would offer endless possibilities for innovative and engaging video content.
vector image 18


Marketing Strategist

Using our footage on Zebracat has not only saved us time and money but also allowed us to maintain a high level of authenticity. It's a powerful tool for personalizing our marketing efforts
vector image 19


Digital Marketing Specialist


How do I upload my own video footage?

In Zebracat, go to "My Upload Library," create a new folder, and upload your video footage there. This will store your personal clips for use in your AI-edited videos.

How does AI understand my video footage?

Zebracat has developed algorithms that understand raw footage in detail without relying on tags or descriptions. It's like having a human review your footage but much faster and at scale, enabling the AI to accurately incorporate your content into the video editing process.

Can I mix my own assets into AI videos?

Yes, you can mix your own assets with AI-generated visuals in Zebracat. User-generated content, product shots, and other materials can be added to enhance your videos. Zebracat also supports uploading your brand assets like logos, color palettes, and fonts, ensuring your videos consistently reflect your brand's style.

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