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If you are a content marketer you know that….

You are massively missing out if you don’t repurpose every blog post into video

Missing out not using video

Engaging audiences effectively requires leveraging video, which can amplify engagement and conversions by up to 80%.

Repurposing Drains Resources

Transforming written blogs into other formats can escalate costs by 50-100%, demanding video editors or complex tools.

Repurposing is Time-Consuming

The process of turning a blog into a different content type can extend timelines by 2-3x, compared to creating original text content.

Zebracat helps you to transform your blog content into impactful marketing videos with just a few clicks and in less than 2 minutes.

Blog to Blockbuster: Videos That Deliver Results

Zebracat's AI generated videos are designed for  engagement and marketing impact so you get the results you need from your content.

Turning Your Blog Posts into Video is a Superpower

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Elevate Blog Engagement

Transforming blog posts to video means visitors spend more time on your site. On average, users stay 88% longer on websites with videos than those without.

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Expand Your  Reach

Not everyone reads blogs, but 85% of internet users watch video content monthly. Tap into this vast audience by repurposing your blog content.

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Boost Organic Traffic

Websites with video content have a 50% higher chance of being ranked on the first page of Google search results.

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Why you too should repurpose your blog posts to video

"Creating video content from our blogs used to be a time-consuming task, but now we've cut our production time in half while doubling our content output. Massive impact for our content strategy."
Alex - Content Strategy Lead


Content Strategy Lead

“Zebracat’s voice over videos are grabbing our audience’s attention right from the start. The blog-to-video feature turns old blog posts into new, fresh video content, keeping the viewers engaged and hooked throughout."
Priya - Brand Manager


Brand Manager

"Being part of a small team means we have to be strategic about where we allocate our resources. Zebracat's blog-to-video feature has been a game-changer, allowing us to create engaging video content without a dedicated video team."
Jordan - Marketing Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator

"Initially, I had my doubts about AI’s capabilities, but the results speak for themselves. We’ve seen a 90% increase in social media engagement since we started incorporating videos made with Zebracat into our content strategy."
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Social Media Specialist

"The SEO benefits of adding Zebracat videos to our blog posts have been astounding. We’ve witnessed a significant improvement in our search rankings and are tapping into traffic from Youtube"
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SEO Analyst


How do I turn my blog into a video?

Drop your blog post's URL into Zebracat, and it'll grab the text to craft a video script. Next, pick an AI voice from over 120 options and set up the right mood with some music. Then, tweak the visuals and pace in the editor to match your brand. Finally, hit publish, spread the word on your platforms, and check the analytics to see how it's doing.

Can a blog be a video?

Absolutely, turning blogs into videos is a smart move. With organic channels getting crowded, not repurposing your content into video format is a huge missed opportunity. Considering 63% of searches now pull up video results, and websites with video content have a 53 times higher chance of landing on Google's first page (Moz 2024), it's a no-brainer. What used to cost days of work, pain and money with video editors can now be done within minutes and cheaply with Zebracat. There's really no excuse not to jump on this!

Can we use blog content for YouTube videos?

Yes, you can use blog content for YouTube videos. Repurposing blog posts into YouTube content is a smart way to boost your presence and make your content work harder. With Zebracat, you can transform written content into engaging videos, ready to upload on YouTube. This cross-utilization of content can maximize your reach and bring new life to your blog posts.

Can I use blog content to YouTube videos?

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Are videos better than blogs?

Videos and blogs serve different purposes, but data shows videos can significantly boost your online presence. According to Moz in 2024, websites with videos are 53 times more likely to land on Google's first page. Augurian's 2023 study found pages with videos saw a 157% jump in organic traffic and people spent 105% more time on those pages. While blogs are great for depth and SEO, videos drive visibility and engagement, making them a powerful part of your content strategy. With Zebracat, you can leverage both without much hassle.

How do I repurpose old blog content?

To repurpose old blog content, follow these steps:
Audit your content: Look for evergreen topics that remain relevant.
Update and improve: Refresh stats, fix broken links, and tighten up the text.Get creative: Turn it into an infographic, webinar, or a podcast episode.
Video it up: Use Zebracat to convert the blog into a video for social media or YouTube.
Re-promote: Share your updated content and new formats across your channels.
This approach not only gives your old content a fresh audience but also enhances your SEO and engagement metrics.

How do I repurpose a blog into a video?

To turn your blog into a video using a blog-to-video tool such as Zebracat:
Input the URL of your blog post into Zebracat. It'll transform the text into a draft video script.
Choose an AI voice and music from Zebracat's library to give your video the right tone and emotion.
Customize the visuals and pacing with Zebracat's editor to make sure it fits your brand and message.
Publish and share your new video across platforms and track its performance with analytics.
This process repurposes your written content into dynamic videos, quickly and cost-effectively.

Still have questions?

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