AI-Generated Content vs. Human Creativity

AI-Generated Content vs. Human Creativity

Michael Baumgartner
May 24, 2023
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Only a few of us could have had a positive imagination about the emergence of AI after watching movies like “Her” and “WALL-E”. Many people are worried about the next generation not having enough creativity, or getting so lonely that they might befriend a robot (no offense Joaquin!🙄)

But observations are showing another direction! 

Let’s dive in and see what is happening to the human race's creativity! 

How does creativity work?

Creativity means finding new ways to do or express something. Long ago when our ancestors lived in caves, they could find a way to paint on the wall and express their feelings about their daily lives (mostly hunting!). They gradually started to make some tools to live easier. 

Neurologists believe that creativity comes from mixing unrelated ideas. They also think that creative people are those who love to try everything, fail in them and repeat the scenario! The last thing about creativity is that it partially depends on genetics and experiences. 

Let us also have a quick review on how things changed regarding creativity from old times to now.

It can be seen that human creativity has developed throughout history. We started by cave painting and then formed many concepts in terms of art. Forming other kinds of visual arts. building statues, creating different art movements such as expressionism and surrealism, etc. are the evidences.  

How AI supports human creativity? 

Does anyone here need an expanded lecture on how technology has evolved through history? 😁

In the previous paragraph we talked about the evolution of human creativity. The point is that we have made all this progress alongside evolving technology. Has technology made us less creative? We don’t think so! 

But how does AI help us with being more creative? 

  1. AI gives us time to be creative

Many of us allocate our time to repetitive tasks every day. Repetition kills creativity!

With AI tools we can automate repetitive tasks and put more time and effort on creative tasks such as finding new solutions for an issue. 

  1. AI can be a tool to let us present our creativity

There were countless times when I wanted to picture an idea or make a video out of it but since I had no clue how to work with software like Photoshop or Premiere, I neglected my ideas. AI tools give you the opportunity to present your creative ideas without thinking about limits. With so many AI tools right now, the limit of your creativity is the sky! Take a look at the pictures I have generated as a writer who doesn’t know much about digital painting: 

The prompt was: a piece of cloud was covering my eyes. Everywhere was blurred.

a girl's face is covered by a piece of cloud - AI generated
Girl's face is partially covered by a piece of cloud - AI generated
AI generated
  1. AI lets us produce different forms of content and even to mix them

No difference whether you want to create a painting or a song, AI will help you. You can even merge different forms of content together and make a new form and new concepts! 

For instance take a look at this new feature in Adobe Photoshop (beta version) and also see how Ingmar Büchner is using it for his architectural project. 

  1. AI can show us the way of being creative 

There are AI tools that can analyze your users and help you with personalizing your product or content for them. By applying AI you can find creative ways to serve your customers and earn their satisfaction.  

  1. AI can be an inspiration 

You can simply use AI for ideation. Talking to someone will always give you new ideas, why not using AI tools as informative companions? They can come up with new concepts or look at issues differently.

Here, Lyle AI, has presented some prompts to use and get help from ChatGPT for ideation.

Can AI prevent humans from being creative?

We don't want to lie to you. To some extent, it can; but knowing how AI may affect your creativity, will reduce the consequences and keep you from losing your creativity! So let us find out more about the forms that AI can be a killer to your creativity: 

1. You might be dependent to them

AI tools are addictive and there is no doubt that being too dependent on these tools, can not lead to creativity. How to prevent it? Use AI for your purpose but add your own essence to it.

It is great writing the first draft of a blog post or making a video with AI, but adding some personal experiences or personalizing the video for your users makes them PERFECT! 

2. They might destroy hands-on experiences 

AI tools can automate different parts of the creative process, like creating content or designing. While this can save time, it may also limit creators' chances to refine their skills and get better at their craft. The hands-on experience and practice gained from manual creation can help individuals become more creative. 

How to be creative while using AI content generators?

These are great tips to have in mind while working with AI content generator tools to keep your creativity safe 😀

  1. Get inspiration

Instead of relying only on what AI generates, use it as a starting point to spark your own creativity. Take the ideas or suggestions from AI and build upon them, adding your own unique twists, perspectives, and creativity. Think of AI-generated content as something that inspires you or helps you come up with new ideas.

Take a look at this tweet to see how this user was inspired by AI.

  1. Test your creativity while writing prompts

Being creative has no limits. You can be creative with giving details to the AI tool or asking a better question so that you’ll get your desired answer. 

  1. Combine the result with your own ideas

AI-generated content often lacks a personal touch. Take the AI-generated content and make changes to fit your creative vision. Add your own style, adapt it to suit your audience or the specific situation, and make it truly your own. By customizing the AI-generated content for your audience, you can add your creativity and ensure it stands out as something unique.

Should we still use AI or not?

Of course you should! 

Having all the tips and tricks in mind, there is no need to be worried about AI tools stealing creativity or any other abilities of yours. Enjoy yourself making AI video ads or creating blog posts in less time than ever and keep up with using AI tools while being creative. 

Michael Baumgartner
May 24, 2023
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