Jen AI Virgin Voyagers Ad Analysis

Jen AI Virgin Voyagers Ad Analysis

Michael Baumgartner
July 5, 2023
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Let's dive into the most recent Virgin Voyagers campaign and uncover the insights it offers!

Understanding the Company

Virgin Voyages, a cruise company headquartered in Plantation, Florida, is a joint venture between the Virgin Group and Bain Capital. As of May 2023, the company boasts a fleet of three cruise ships, with a fourth one set to launch soon. Each ship is designed to comfortably accommodate approximately 2,700 passengers.

Diving Deep into the Content!

Here is the video used in this promotion:

In tune with the burgeoning AI trend, Virgin Voyagers employed an AI-generated video featuring their brand ambassador, Jennifer Lopez. The ad begins with a startling, sensual scene of Jennifer Lopez, which instantly grabs the viewer's attention. It then smoothly transitions to a studio scene, revealing that the footage is actually AI-generated, with real-time body and face swaps, complemented by AI voice mimicry of Jennifer Lopez. Many viewers are likely to fail the Turing test with this video, unable to discern whether the video is authentic or AI-produced.

As the ad progresses, we see various personalities transposed onto Jennifer Lopez's body, each one delivering the ad's key messages. This innovative technique aligns well with the best practices mentioned in this blog on crafting a viral video. As each person wears the device, a robotic view is shown similar to those used in Terminator movies! There are also glitches to voice and video, another great touch by the production team making the video ad more interesting and less monotonic.

Also worth noting is the contrast in camera movement. In the shots featuring Jen AI, the camera remains fixed, slowly zooming out to provide a sense of stability and calm. However, the shots showing studio employees feature a mobile camera, shaking and tilting, lending a sense of liveliness and authenticity to the scene. The background music strikes a balance with a medium-paced beat that doesn't interfere with Jen AI's dialogue. The video concludes with an epic song and a deep-voiced, high-pitched narrator evoking a sense of adventure.

Key Takeaways for Marketers

1. Great Use of AI + Gamification

Through the use of high-quality deepfake technology, Virgin Voyagers has produced an exceptional video ad. Customers also have the option to create personalized invites, telling Jen AI the nature of their celebration. Check it out here. This gamified experience sets Virgin Voyagers apart from most cruise companies, branding it as a pioneer in innovation.

2. Celebrity Endorsement with a Twist

An indirect celebrity endorsement through a deep fake? That's exactly what Virgin Voyagers accomplished here, making the endorsement even more impactful.

3. Targeting the Right Audience with the Right Reasons

Each persona cares about an aspect of the cruise experience. Award winning voyage, top-notch food, or just โ€œNo Kids!โ€. Try to attract your audience by knowing their pain points.


In conclusion, Virgin Voyagers' innovative AI-driven ad campaign sets them apart, combining deep fake technology, gamification, and an indirect celebrity endorsement. Targeting the right audience with personalized appeals, they offer an unforgettable cruise experience. Start your adventure with Virgin Voyagers today!

Whatโ€™s Next?

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Michael Baumgartner
July 5, 2023
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