Brainstorming video ideas: Mind Mapping with ChatGPT

Brainstorming video ideas: Mind Mapping with ChatGPT

Michael Baumgartner
March 17, 2023
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Mind mapping is a power technique on its own. Now, imagine using it with generative AI models. In this article, you will learn how to create a mind map with the infamous generative AI model, ChatGPT. Utilizing mind mapping with ChatGPT can ensure you won't run into ideation blocks!

How to get a mind map out of ChatGPT

The core prompt for ChatGPT to write a map is as simple as this: “Write a mind about {central idea}”. To get better results, you can combine it with other ChatGPT hacks like assigning a role, your purpose for the mind map, and any other details that may help ChatGPT to give you better results. Let’s see an example!

Here is my prompt:

“You are a video marketing expert. Write a mind map about a video ad. It is for a classy restaurant that wants to promote high end customers during weekdays.“

Here is the ChatGPT’s response:

“Here's a mind map outlining the key points to consider when creating a video ad for a high-end restaurant looking to attract customers during the week:

Video Ad for Classy Restaurant to Attract High-End Customers on Weekdays"

1. Target Audience

- High-end customers

- Busy professionals

- Foodies

- Local residents

2. Message

- Restaurant is open on weekdays

- Exclusive atmosphere

- Fine dining experience

- High-quality ingredients

- Exceptional service

3. Storyline

- Introduction of the restaurant

- Emphasis on high-end feel

- Showcase of the menu

- Display of dishes

- Presentation of staff

- Testimonials from satisfied customers

- Call to action

4. Visuals

- Elegant setting

- Classy and sophisticated decor

- Beautifully plated dishes

- High-quality ingredients

- Skilled and professional staff

- Satisfied customers

5. Soundtrack

- Soft and classy instrumental music

- Upscale and refined sound effects

- Voice-over by a professional speaker

6. Length

- Short and to the point

- Approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute

7. Distribution

- Social media platforms

- Targeted advertising

- Website and email marketing

By considering these key points, you can create a video ad that effectively promotes your restaurant to your desired audience and encourages them to visit during the week for an exceptional dining experience.”

I can now think of the different aspects I can focus on for the video ad. For example, I can showcase the high quality ingredients or tell a story about the plating process the chef goes through. This mind map can have numerous good ideas to start with for restaurant’s video ad.

I can even dive deeper into this mind map by simply conversing with ChatGPT. Let’s say I want to know more about the soundtrack. Just say it then.
Here is my prompt: “Tell me more about the sound tracks I can use for this video ad.”

ChatGPT responded: “When choosing a soundtrack for your video ad promoting a high-end restaurant, you want to choose music that reflects the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Classical music: Classical music is often associated with elegance and sophistication. You can choose from a variety of classical pieces, such as a Bach concerto or a Mozart sonata, to create a refined and cultured feel for your video.

2. Jazz music: Jazz music can also create an upscale and sophisticated atmosphere. Choose smooth jazz pieces with a mellow tempo to complement the visuals in your video.

3. Instrumental music: Instrumental music can be a great choice for a video ad, as it can create a background sound that doesn't distract from the visuals or voice-over. Look for instrumental pieces with a relaxed, upscale feel.

4. Sound effects: You can also use sound effects to add a touch of elegance to your video. For example, the sound of clinking glasses or silverware on fine china can help create a refined atmosphere.

Remember to choose a soundtrack that fits with the overall tone of your video ad and reflects the brand image of your restaurant. You want to create an immersive experience that makes viewers feel like they're already enjoying a luxurious meal at your establishment.”

Wow, pretty good choices! If you don’t get what you want from ChatGPT, just give it feedback so that it can correct itself and give you what you want.

Visualize your mind map

Now that you have a mind map, it is time to create a visual representation of it since mind maps are visual in nature. You can do so by using Miro or Mindmeister.
Here is an example mind map made with Mindmeister:

Mind map for a video ad for a restaurant
Mind map for a video ad for a restaurant

Using generative AI models like ChatGPT to create mind maps can help you generate creative ideas and organize your thoughts in a unique way. This technique is especially useful for content marketing experts who need to come up with innovative ideas for their campaigns. Mind mapping with ChatGPT can enhance your creative process and help you generate new ideas for your content marketing strategy.

Michael Baumgartner
March 17, 2023
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