“Walmart+ Week” Ad Analysis

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In this post, we will analyze Walmart+ Week ad, what goes on in it, and a few lessons we can learn and might be able to apply to our own ad. Let’s dive in!

Walmart+ Week Video Advertisement

The ad showcases the American actor, Fred Armisen, who is amazed by Walmart+ Week and analyzes if “one week of savings is better than one day of savings”. This wraps up the first 5 seconds of the video which delivers the main message if the user scrolls or skips the ad! Then Armisen goes on to explain the concept to his friend in the kitchen, not directly to the viewer as if his friend does not understand the simple concept. Then, there is a packshot of the ad which shows some info about the campaign while Armisen is still being funny in the background! 

This ad is created by Deutsche LA agency, an LA-based creative agency, which is in their own words “a data-inspired, culturally shaped creative studio”.

Key Takeaways

Here are a few lessons we can learn from this campaign:

   1. Value Loyalty and Premium Customers

By offering Walmart members early or exclusive deals, Walmart is both valuing loyal customers and repeating a successful strategy which reinforces purchase behaviour among members. 

   2. Funny and Relatable

Using humor and relatable memes makes the campaign engaging and memorable. Choice of actor is brilliant since Fred Armisen is humorous and has an “average guy” vibe.The meme implied in the ad is John Krasinski pointing at the whiteboard which you can see down below!

The Office meme being implied in the ad!
The Office meme being implied in the ad!

   3. Competitive Positioning

The event is strategically placed to compete with Amazon's Prime Day highlighting the value of timing and competitive analysis in the marketing strategy! The event opens on July 11 and closes on July 13 which positions it as an alternative to Prime Day. Another jab that Walmart swings at Amazon is comparing one week of savings to one day which is another contrast point between Prime Day and Walmart+ Week offering.

   4. Variety of Deals

This campaign offers Walmart+ members early access to savings on thousands of popular products across electronics, home, toys, fashion and more! Unlike Prime Day, members will have a week to decide and buy instead of just one day.


Altogether, a great ad with an interesting hook in the beginning delivering the main message and funny bits by Armisen fortifying it with help of a cultural context, the Office meme! There has been a lot of thought behind this ad, its message, and when to run the campaign.

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“Walmart+ Week” Ad Analysis

June 27, 2023