What is OpenAI Sora? How to Use OpenAI Sora - A New Text-To-Video AI Model

What is OpenAI Sora? How to Use OpenAI Sora - A New Text-To-Video AI Model

Michael Baumgartner
February 21, 2024
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Lately companies, such as Meta, Google and OpenAI have been in a rush to develop advanced AI models and ways to market them. 

On 15th February, Sam Altman unveiled Sora, the newest addition to OpenAI's already impressive research track record, that can produce short, one-minute text-to-videos through prompts.

The objective is to educate AI in understanding and assisting people in solving challenges and the need for real-world interaction and replicating the physical world in motion.

So what is Sora all about? Read on to better grasp this technology and its alternatives that are already available for use.

What Is Sora & How Does It Work? 

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, introduced us to Sora through his X account. Sora is a text-to-video generating model that creates 1-minute long videos as per user prompts while maintaining high-quality visual outputs. 

According to OpenAI, Sora can generate intricate, complex scenes by using various characters and specific motions and details to capture the subject elements and essence. As per the company, Sora is highly intelligent and can perfectly grasp user prompts and generate videos based on the specifications provided.

X was filled with multiple videos, shared by Altman, that showcases the powerful features and capabilities of OpenAI’s newest model. Currently, the tool is under the red teaming phase; in other words, Sora is undergoing adversarial testing to ensure that it doesn't generate offensive or dangerous stuff, and no further information is available about its public launch. 

OpenAI’s Sora: Strengths and Weaknesses

OpenAI claims Sora has the capability to understand the human language, allowing it to expertly and accurately grasp the prompts and generate diverse and complex characters that exhibit various emotions. 

It is powerful enough to produce multiple shots with consistent visual appeal and characters in a single video. 

However, the company has also stated that there are some restrictions within this new AI. Currently, the tool has difficulty accurately capturing the physics of complicated scenarios and might even have trouble comprehending specific effects and instances. 

OpenAI admits the model isn’t perfect. It writes:

“Sora may struggle with accurately simulating the physics of a complex scene, and may not understand specific instances of cause and effect. For example, a person might take a bite out of a cookie, but afterward, the cookie may not have a bite mark. ”

OpenAI is implementing various safety precautions and testing before launching it to the public. 

They will be running the AI through thorough competitive tests during their trials. 

OpenAI is worried about the potential misuse of fake but photorealistic videos. “We’re being careful about deployment here and making sure we have all our bases covered before we put this in the hands of the general public,” states Aditya Ramesh, an OpenAI scientist, who created the firm’s text-to-image model DALL-E.

From speaking to hundreds of marketers and business owners, we learned that engaging and impactful videos require more than visuals. Music, voice overs, effects, text overlays and editing techniques are necessary to keep the viewer hooked. This is something, models like Sora are missing and marketing-focused video generators like Zebracat outperform.


  • Able to understand human language and text prompts. 
  • Impressive photo realistic quality
  • Up to1 minute videos with high consistency levels
  • Capable of generating diverse and complex characters displaying mixed emotions.
  • It is powerful enough to generate a series of multiple shots with uniform visual appeal and characters in a single video.


  • Sora outputs are only “raw” footage while marketers need music, voice over, texts, effects and editing to bring their message across
  • Not necessary the best choice for marketers and business owners
  • Has challenges to capture the physics of complicated scenarios. 
  • Difficulty comprehending specific instances and effects.
  • Can struggle with spatial details and accurate descriptions of events that happen over time.
  • Copyright uncertainty. Potential risks coming from training data used

Safety and Precautions:

  • OpenAI is implementing safety precautions and teaming up with subject-matter experts to tackle concerns such as bias, falsehoods and hate speech.
  • Comprehensive tests are being conducted to guarantee precise results.

How to use Open AI’s Sora?

OpenAI's Sora is an AI model  in the development phase and not available to the public; this how-to guide will be helpful when users do have access to it:

Creating the Right Prompt:

Using Sora to create films starts with creating a descriptive text prompt. The model can create highly dynamic characters and backgrounds and read clues thanks to its in-depth understanding of human language.

For example, you could describe a scene where a number of people interact and act out various activities within a specific context. Adding additional details to your prompt will assist Sora understand your vision clearly.

Generating Videos:

Once you're done creating the prompt, input that into Sora. Following that, the AI starts to convert it into a visually appealing video. 

Reviewing and Refining:

It's important to check the AI generated video thoroughly and ensure it follows the prompt as stated and is accurate.

Once this is done you will still have to do the editing as OpenAI’s output is “raw” - depending on your use case you will have to add music, voiceover, text overlays etc. This means you might have to hire a video editor or use other tools to do the job. 

Comparing with Zebracat

Zebracat is the best option for marketers as it offers marketers a complete toolkit for creating powerful video content by generating AI visuals as well as integrating music, effects, voiceovers and text overlays with ease. It allows you also to integrate your own assets (e.g. product shots or logo) into the video.

Zebracat is perfect for creating impactful video content since it allows you to make videos that hook viewers and effectively communicate your marketing message.

Remember that these are theoretical suggestions based on the typical process of using AI text-to-video models.

For further instructions on how to use Sora effectively, it's crucial to go to the platform's official documentation and recommendations as the actual process and functionality may differ.

OpenAI’s Sora vs Zebracat: How Does It Compare?

While OpenAI’s Sora is definitely going to be sought after, given how popular most of OpenAI’s tools are, there are already established text-to-video generators out there you can try out or experiment with as Sora isn’t available to the public yet. 

Zebracat is one of the best AI video generators out there that offers a free version that you can use to enhance video processing and editing. 

Zebracat is an AI-driven video generation platform designed specifically for marketers and business owners. Imagine turning your ideas into engaging videos in minutes, without the hefty price tag of traditional video production. Users turn prompts, scripts, or articles into videos without any editing skills. You can use AI visuals (like Sora), but also your own footage (think product shots or UGC), or use its vast stock library. These videos are enhanced with realistic AI voiceovers, background music, and effects to capture audience attention effectively. Key advantages include significant time and cost savings, customization flexibility, and the ability to produce high-quality content optimized for marketing performance and conversion.

Zebracat’s features and capabilities have the potential to expand further with the integration of Sora and other similar models. 

Imagine easily combining Zebracat's extensive library and user-friendly interface with Sora's state-of-the-art text-to-video creation technology to unleash previously unheard-of levels of efficiency and creativity for users. 

Sora can create realistic animations and complex settings that seamlessly integrate with Zebracat's workflow, giving users even greater freedom and influence over their video creation process.

Wrapping Up

It's important to understand that Sora is still a research model and is not available to the general public, despite OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's determination to advance Sora to the forefront of text-to-video production.

It's possible that Sora won't meet all of the demands of marketers when it launches. On the other hand, platforms such as Zebracat provide a more all-encompassing solution.

Zebracat, in contrast to Sora, offers advertisers a wide range of tools to create powerful messages by allowing for the seamless integration of music, voiceovers, text overlays, effects, and images.


Is Sora AI available to use?

Short answer: No. As of now, Sora is only available to red team members and subject-matter experts, specializing in hate speech, falsehoods and bias. Apart from that, special access has been provided to visual artists, filmmakers and designers to get feedback on improvement. 

Is OpenAI Sora available to the public?

OpenAI’s Sora is a research model and not currently available to the public. It is undergoing some extensive tests by subject-matter experts, specializing in hate speech, falsehoods and bias. We believe that it might get into a consumer-product in the not too distant future. 

Michael Baumgartner
February 21, 2024
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